@jonah Hey, just followed you because I followed your guide on installing a PowerDNS server and found it very helpful, and I'm also a big fan of OpenNIC 😉

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@Paul thanks! I’m glad you found it helpful, I just assumed nobody else would see it 😜

@jonah But I did. And even if I discovered that the authoritative server no longer does recursion if the middle of the procedure, and it took me 5 hours to understand that this was the problem and make the dnsdist thing work because I am a real noob, I persisted and I have PDNS server + recursor + PDNS Admin working. It's insane, I thought I would never make it through! I did all that in a VM, I have to do this on my server now

@jonah But at least for the PowerDNS and PDNS Admin part, your guides are the easiest to understand compared to some others that I tried to follow. I bookmarked them. Then I will try to have a working mail server. All those things are what I tried 3-4 years ago and gave up on, and I am so happy to finally achieve 😂

@Paul highly recommend Mailcow, I use it for,, and some of my personal emails :p

@jonah OK, I didn't know about it. I will look into it

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